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Class file for Journal of Cellular Automata

Please read the comments at the beginning of the file. ocp-jca.cls

Use pdfLaTeX and hyperref !

in the header, then compile with
pdflatex foo.tex
This way, the pdf file conains bookmarks (click for direct access to any section), when refering to "theorem 4.2", "4.2" is a link towards this theorem, it's possible to search all occurences of a word in the text (Ctrl+F), to copy and paste the title and author names (avoid mispelling your name when citing your paper). The default of ps2pdf is to convert images to jpeg format: excellent for photos, disaster for diagrams: bigger size, bad look. So, use pdflatex.

Sure, most if not all of this is possible with latex, provided you use dvipdfm (and not dvipdf), which converts directly from dvi to pdf. But I've seen many files which have the shortcomings of both the paper and the electronic format. If you're a guru, fine. Otherwise, you can't say anymore that you don't know the solution: use pdflatex.

That's all for moral. (If under windows, still use ghostview to preview your file, as opposed to Adobe Reader, it allows to modify the pdf file while viewing it.)


If you're composing slides with LaTeX (I've never seen anything else that produces acceptable mathematical formulas), you need beamer. Since comparative advertising is allowed here, it find it far superior to prosper (thus superior to "slide" or "seminar"). Proof:

Excellent manual, its only imperfection is to be very detailed thus long :-) but it contains a tutorial, there are complete examples ready to be adapted (in folder "solutions") and even many tips on how to write good slides (slightly irritating if you already follow them).


Once you've switched to LaTeX: I use WhizzyTeX, and find it bewilderingly amazing. Simple idea: just type your LaTeX source file, a viewer display the dvi file in real time. No command to launch.

For happy Debian or (K)Ubuntu users:

 apt-get install advi whizzytex

emacs foo.tex
M-x whizzytex-mode
("advi" means "active dvi", it's a dvi viewer written in Ocaml, which allows to fully benefit from the power of WhizzyTeX. foo.tex is one of your usual LaTeX files. It is recommended to check that latex foo.tex does not generate errors before launching WhizzyTex mode. (If foo.tex dos notcontains \begin{document}... \end{document}, WhizzyTeX will ask you in which file is foo.tex included.)
And go: just type in emacs... display is updated as you type

I specially appreciate:

Does not work with aeguill.sty out of the box (untested since version 1.3). Two solution, equivalent from WhizzyTeX point of view:

WhizzyTeX has been reported to work under windows with Cygwin, but it's involved. The official website give some hints.

WhizzyTeX + Beamer

Sure, one wants to use both at the same time. It's neither out of the box nor perfect, but it works. Tested with WhizzyTeX 1.3.0 and beamer 3.06.

The bibliography can't be edited under WhizzyTeX (but it can be in the document as long as one does not go to this frame). Please tell me if you have a solution ! Here is a minimal example demonstrating the problem.